Tuesday, May 31, 2016

If I could turn back time...

If I could turn back time...
I wish I could have enough courage to do the things that I should.
Not only saying that I would.
If I could turn back time...
I wish that I could treasure more the good and healthy relationships
Rather than mourning over the bad ones.
I knew that I couldn't please everyone.
If I could turn back time...
I would laugh more
I would cry less
Trying my best not to shed my tears for not-so-important things in my life.
It's so good if I could turn back the time...
But, of course, the best is still: to treasure what I can embrace at this very moment.
Right here. Right now.
Living in the present time.
Learning from the past, but not too overwhelm with it.
Believe in the future and not too worry about it.
Smile a little bit more.
Loving with all my heart.
Just enjoy and grateful for today.
*fresh from the brain😊
*right here, right now with a cup of earl grey lavender tea in my favourite Korean café.

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