Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Suddenly this word pops up on my mind tonight. Don't know why. Well again, living my present life with such a routine, is really farrrr from inspiring or even inspirational thing.

God has always been an inspiration for me. And in this life, we can see that lots of saints have been inspiring the world as well.
I don't know whether I'll make an impact or not with my present role at this moment, but I'm just sure that if I do my daily chores, my daily routine with love, at least I can give a little bit of impact to the people surround me.
First of all my family, the nearest kin of mine. And the next one is supposed to be my friends or even the people that I just met.
I've ever thought of inspiring the world, inspiring the nation, but let me start as simple as this: I want to do a daily routine with an inspiring spirit from God.
And that will make a difference for sure.

Right now for me, inspiring thing may start in little or even simple things. In other's perspective, it might be seemed as nothing, but with trust and faith, I just want to stay faithful in everything I do. As I believe that faith in little things will lead to bigger ones...
Someday, somehow, we will reach one level of a better understanding.
But now, let's start with staying faithful with an inspiring God. He will be the inspiration of our life...Never lack of it!

Spore, 21 January 2009

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