Sunday, December 12, 2010

Going to the Next Level

When I first started my blog in the year of 2006, I’ve never really thought that it would go this far. Right now, I’m quite happy with the fact that I’m a writer: in my blog, my Facebook’s notes, and some mailing lists.

Back to the year 2007-2008, I found a new inspiration in me to become a writer. At first, of course I kept thinking about going back to work as a stockbroker in Singapore but I didn’t get any opportunity to do so. But hey, God knows what’s best for me and eventually here I am: satisfied with all His plans in my life.

I’ve never been happier than now. This contentment is really HUGE. I have time to write, time to spend with my child-and will soon become children in the next few months. And put my heart as well as passion in everything that I do right now. I’m thanking God for this wonderful moment.

As we’re entering the month of December and New Year is just a few more weeks to go, it’s very normal for me to think of a new resolution in the upcoming year. Well, actually this passion has come along after I put all of my energy and full concentration in my writings. And while I was in the first trimester of my pregnancy back in Jakarta few months ago, I watched a lot of FTV, Sinetrons, Dramas at home. Suddenly, the thinking to become a screenwriter or a scriptwriter popped up in my mind. And it’s getting stronger each day…

Few years ago, one of my good friends gave me this book: Screenwriting for Dummies. All this time, never really had a good look on this book until last October. I tried to read and practice some of the tips there. First step was to make myself watch more movies as well as read more books. The scriptwriter for big movies such as Any Given Sunday and Gladiator-John Logan- advised the new scriptwriters to read more Shakespeare’s books. And here I am, try to read Antony and Cleopatra while having King Lear and Hamlet on my book shelf.

Hmmm, I remembered those times when I kept motivating myself through my writings that I someday I want to be a writer. And after four years from the era of my blogging experience, thank God I’ve seen some positive results.

Now, I’d like to encourage myself one more time that I want to be a scriptwriter- a good one and write with all my heart. Praying hard for that one J

And hopefully, my work will be able to show that the goodness and kindness in this life, not to mention the source of the goodness Himself-God.

Not every writer can become as successful as J.K. Rowling. And not every scriptwriter will produce big movies that will top the charts of box office through out the world. I do realize of that. But, let me stick on my goal to be a scriptwriter in the next few years, realizing that in a few months my dear baby will see this world for the first time… As per timing, I’ve never really know when is the right time… But I do hope in the next two years, at least I could write some stories and make them scripts already… As soon as I’ve finished my books on screenwriting, I’ll motivate myself to write some…Please pray for meJ

I do hope that this will be a dream that will take me to the next level of my writing experience. Pray hard and work hard for this one. And I do believe that even though we’re not in the office anymore-like my current full time housewife cum writer condition- it doesn’t mean that I have to stop learning. I need to learn new things in this life to enrich myself and to nurture whatever passion that He puts strongly inside of me.

Hopefully, you will also find your passion deep in your heart and willing to take real steps to reach them. May our dreams come true. God bless…

Ho Chi Minh City, 10-Dec-2010


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