Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Do Believe in Magic

*** love note to my dear hubby on our Anniversary

long time ago…

I’ve been wondering…

and I’ve been searching…

for the kind of magical love

that will last forever

I haven’t found any

until the day I met you

until the moment God showed me

the true love from you

now, I know…

I do believe in magic

in this little- but yet greatest thing- called love

its magic in simplicity

really amazed me

it is such a magical thing

to see your peaceful eyes

it is such a magical thing

to see the smile of our children

it is such a magical thing

to see God’s love being showered everyday into our family

through thick and thin,

for better or worse,

in ups and downs of our life,

I do believe that God’s magical love

will see us through

not with our strength,

but with His love and guidance,

as long as we stay faithful,

we’ll see more magical moments

of love in our life.

Ho Chi Minh City, 6th of January 2011


* happy anniversary, dear Hubby. Thank God I Found you!

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