Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back to Simplicity

Back to Simplicity

Today, I heard a news of a friend, ex-colleague who has just in around his 30s, I guess, and had this cancer on his liver.
Pretty sad to hear that such a thing happened, again in a productive age.
Then, I wondered, what on earth should we live for?
Fame? Career? Beautiful houses? Posh cars?
What are the values that we still need to appreciate and hold on tightly? Well, it’s actually just the very simple one.

Health. It’s number one.
If ever we’ve taken it as a granted, now it’s not too late to realize that we need to be really grateful for a great health.
Yes, you might have this flu, cough, headache, every now and then. But, as long as it’s a minor one, we shouldn’t be worry to much.
Without ignoring the fact that sometimes even the smallest symptoms might become a sign that the body needs a rest or we need to take extra vitamin, but we should be thankful for this particular and special gift in life.

I had some friends who died in their late 20s and 30s. Both were my very dear friends and nothing’s gonna change that until now. They both died because of cancer.
Again, I felt the same pain, as I heard this kind of news again. So sudden, a person could change from a healthy one to someone that can only stay in bed without doing anything. See their health is deteriorating so fast is painful.
It’s even sadder for the family for sure, especially the parents to see their children dying young.

But again, within this period of time, we can also become closer to God.
The one who knows everything best for His children. And that includes how long we should live in this world and how we should come back to Him. By which way.
Of course, realizing that life is a very temporary one, we all know that someday we’ll meet Him again. It’s just we don’t know when or how.

As long as we live, we still got the chance to treasure health. Family. Friends. Breath. Rain. Sun. Cloud. Flower. Butterfly. Bee. Tree. Sea. Lake. River. Coffee. Tea.
Anything. Everything in this earth.
Every simple thing that make us realize that we’re here to celebrate every beauty of this nature, of this life, as God’s gifts for us.

With our ambition we might want to fight everything with our strength.
Well, that’s nothing wrong with that. We need to give our very best to each step that we take in our daily life.
But, we also need to remember, sometimes we need to sit back and relax. Try to be thankful for whatever we still got. The simplest things that seem unimportant but actually they’re the most important things in this life.

So, if today, your burden seem so overwhelming you. Your children’s grade is poor. Your job isn’t going anywhere-no promotion, no bonus, no increment of salary. Your love life is flat or even in downward curve. Your relationship with your friends is in a very bad condition. Your boyfriend/girlfriend is leaving you for another one without many explanations. Your old car that needs to be replaced is still the one that you drive everyday because you don’t have enough money to buy a new one. And many others which can’t be mentioned one by one.
Again, still, try to be thankful for whatever we got.
Be thankful for the simplest things on earth. Be thankful that you still got the chance to smile. Be thankful for the gift of life itself.
Keep it simple. Don’t make it too complicated.
Life itself has already been a complicated one. So, why don’t we try to simplify ourselves in simplicity?

Singapore, 13th of March 2009
* Dedicated to Adi Putra(Kian Su) and William. I know both of you are very happy in heaven now since you’re so kind-hearted! Thanks for being my best friends in my chapter of life :)
And hoping that my ex colleague: Jonny Sudargo can get through his cancer. May God give him enough strength to fight this disease. Amen.

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