Wednesday, August 12, 2009



You have to sleep… That’s what my heart said…
But how? Another side of my heart was asking how to do it…
Just close your eyes.
It’s as simple as that…

When we should’ve taken a rest, we think
When we should’ve taken a rest, we play games
When we should’ve taken a rest, we browse internet
When we should’ve taken a rest, we watch TV

We don’t do what we should
Until one day …
We feel so tired.
We feel fatigue
No strength at all
To carry on with our activities
To work, to study, or even to play.
We’re too exhausted

Take a rest, while we should
Take a nap, if you could
Take an early sleep if you could
Even in God, we need to take a good rest in Him
We need to feel relax with Him
And then feel His presence
Then slowly feel the comfort of being loved by Him.

We need a break, we need a rest.
Even the busiest professional needs a break, a holiday…
Then only, he will have enough strength to perform better.

If you’re so tired today.
Take a rest.
If your soul feels so tired as well.
Find Him and rest your soul in Him.
Then you’ll find peace…
The unthinkable but yet wonderful serenity
Will come to you.

We all need a rest.
In order to get fresh
In welcoming a new day.

Singapore, August 13, 2009
* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….ngantukkk…..bobok yukkk……

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