Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sending My Prayers for You

Few years ago…

I know your sorrows

I know your struggles

I know your pain

Being rejected

Broken- hearted

Without someone special

To call your own…

You were alone…

Struggling hard

Try to cope with your singleness

But beginning to find your fullness

In Him

Then you’ve changed for the better you

And finally this time has arrived!

His beautiful time for you

I’m so happy!

For you’ve found your special someone

To spend your life with

To be your shoulder to cry on

To share your sorrow and joy

To stay faithful in sickness or health

In good times or bad times

To support each other in achieving your dreams

To love each other unconditionally

Till the end of time

So, I’m sending my prayers to the Lord

May your day be filled with joy

And happiness

And even in times of troubles

You won’t be alone

Because finally, you’ve found the perfect one for you

And may His Love be with you

To give you strength to walk in the journey of life

For its journey won’t be the same

Because you’ve finally found that person…

Your soul-mate…

The love of your life.

HCMC, 04 January, 2010


* dedicated to at least five of my dearest friends who will get married this year. God bless you :) Finally, you’ve found someone! So happy for you!:) And also for all of single who plans to get hitched. Good luck for this long and winding journey with a good result: finally found the one.

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  1. @ Deasy: Ma kasih ya, wah jadi komen2an kita wkwkwk...:) Tk care!