Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Never Too Old

Never Too Old

Last night I watched America’s Got Talent. Actually this show has already completed its sessions in season 4 in the US. But since I watched it from the local TV here in Singapore (Channel 5), so I only watched until the semi-finals. I was amazed, stunned, with Grandma Lee. She’s full of confidence, even though she’s 75 years old. And she doesn’t seem scared to let her dreams flow. Even for some people, she might be in the last part of her life. The last 5 years, 10 years, no one knows exactly, right? Here’s a little bit of her biography:

Grandma Lee, now age 75, was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in 1934. After graduating from Otterbein College in Ohio, Grandma Lee married a Marine, Ben Strong, and spent the next 20+ years raising their four children and traveling the world. As her kids grew up, Grandma Lee from "America's Got Talent" worked a series of jobs, including newspaper reporting and operating for directory assistance. In May 1995, Grandma Lee lost her husband to cancer. To help her cope, Grandma Lee from "America's Got Talent" began attending a local comedy workshop. Since then Grandma Lee has been making people laugh all around the country. Grandma Lee's goal on "America's Got Talent" is to help older people realize that it's never too late to follow your dreams—and laugh!


I like the quotation above: It’s never too late to follow your dreams. That’s amazing. While some of us dying already inside our mind, thinking that we may never reached our dreams even though we’re in our 20s, 30s, or mid 40s, but Grandma Lee shows us how. For me, Grandma Lee has already become a winner. It doesn’t really matter if she didn’t win the competition. In my heart, in many people’s heart, she’s a winner. And she’s always be.

It’s not easy to stay motivated all of the time. It’s not easy to get back on the track after several failures. But, as long as we live, we need to keep on dreaming. As long as we have this breath, as long as we have the chance to open our eyes each morning, we should’ve realized that we need to have some courage in this life. Courage to stand up once again even though we’ve fallen so often. Courage to stay positive and happy even though the reality is really bitter. Courage to keep on dreaming, be the best that we can be, become the person that we’ve dreamed all this time. Pursuing our dreams, pursuing our passion. Never give up on it, even though it seems that there’s no significant improvement or progress in reaching it.

Oh, Grandma Lee, I just realized that the moment that we stop dreaming, it’s actually the time when we’re dying inside. And it’s really pitiful that some of us has already been dying in a very young age, due to the worries, anxiety, fear… Due to the restriction of becoming the best that we could.

But God has put the passion inside our heart. Each one of us. To reach the dreams. To stretch ourselves to the highest level in Him. Only sky is the limit. No limitation in Him. We can grow, we can walk, we can run, we can fly in Him. We can soar up high and reach our dreams. Even though it seems that the obstacles are piling up, filling every step of our way… But, as long as we focus on it… There’s nothing impossible.

Never too late, never too old… Even if God wants something to happen, He’ll do it anyway. It just reminds me of the story of Sarah, the wife of Abraham which thought that she’s too old for conceiving a baby. And eventually we can see that she could have a baby.

Never too late, never too old… We only need to believe in God with all of our heart. While at the same time, we need to work hard, need to give our best shot. Everyday… Each second of our life…

So, when the time comes, we’re ready to receive it… All the preparation made complete by us in Him… in His time…

Grandma Lee, thanks for your inspiring-eye opener-story…

Singapore, 15 October 2009


* keep on dreaming… high as you can be… I can do all things through God who strengthens me… Amen..

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