Saturday, March 20, 2010

Can’t You See?

Can’t You see that I’m now struggling hard?

Can’t You see that I’m now fighting hard?

Can’t You see that I’m holding to whatever I’ve got at this moment?

Trying not to lose anything…

Can’t You see that experiencing one loses after another

Isn’t something too easy to bear?

Can’t You see that my tears almost dry because

I cry so hard every night?

Can’t You see that I’m fed up being treated unfairly

in this life?

Can’t You really see, God?
Because I’m scared that You haven’t really got the chance to see.

Maybe You’re just to busy…

Because I’m only one in a zillion kids that You have.

Suddenly, a gentle voice inside of me says:

“ I’ve seen it all. I knew it all. I know your pain, your struggles, your tears. I know you, My child. But sometimes, it’s you who can’t see. It’s you who can’t put your trust in Me. It’s you who become too busy complaining and whining about this and that, without the real chance to see Me. My hands, My work in your life, are sometimes invisible for you.

So, My child, here’s My question: can’t you see Me, My kindness, and My wonderful plans for you?

Can’t you really see?”

Then I started to break down and cry.

Forgive me, Lord.

For not being able to see.

From now on, please open my eyes.

Open the eyes of my heart as well.

And I promise you that I’ll begin to really see carefully…

Whatever You’ve planned for me.

HCMC, 17 March 2010


* somewhere, somehow, this question might appear inside us. Maybe we need to begin right now: to see and to be patient with whatever His Plans that we haven’t seen. But in faith, we believe that He will deliver all His promises in our life. Amen.

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