Friday, June 11, 2010



jumping up and down

in the roller coaster of it

turning right and left

in its ride


it’s telling me something…

sometimes it controls you…

where it’s supposed to be vice versa

sometimes you find

that you’re being overwhelmed

by the touch of it

suddenly it will make you high or low

like a bullish or bearish time of a stock market


the fullness of a man needs you inside him

but with too much of you

a man who puts too much trust in you

without involving the logic thinking

and without drawing near to God

is most likely will fall


ouch, why my heart is so sad?

or wow, I’m so happy today….

omitting you in our life

will be like days without rainbows

but depending too much and being controlled by you


isn’t a really wise thing to do.

feeling…oh… feeling

God, teach me to be wiser in dealing with my own feeling

so that it will be more to a blessing

rather than a disaster.

HCMC, 11 June 2010


* a gentle reminder for myself for not being controlled too much by feelings…Be friend with it, but not being controlled by it.

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