Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rhythm of My Heart

Why is my heart lacking of something?

The beauty of its tone has already been fading.

I look into it,

Try to search everywhere for it

The one that will make my song complete

Then I met you,

I just realized

It’s destiny

That has brought us together

Having you beside me,

I know that my heart is singing a new song

You’re the sweetest thing in my life

My lollipop

My chocolate

My ice cream

Your voice has already filled the symphony of my heart

It has gently but yet strongly become a #1 hit.

All across the region of its pieces

Whether it’s north or south

Whether it’s east or west

You’re still ontop of my playlist

You’ll always be a part of me…

Who makes the rhythm sounds perfectly.

Thanks to you my honey…

For love and understanding beyond compare…

HCMC, 30 Juni 2010


* inspired partially by Taeyang’s (Korean Superstar from Big Bang) Song: You’re My and mostly of all the romanticism that fills the air, that fills my heart tonight…Love is in the airrr!

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